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Why work for BEST?

BEST is always hiring!

  • Tutors for all subjects K-12

  • Language tutors

  • HS/college level math tutors

  • Enrichment class leaders

    • Art​

    • Music

    • Crafts

    • Technology

    • Sports

    • Life Skills

    • Money Management

Working for BEST offers flexibility, fun, and competitive pay!


As an Independent Contractor, you choose your schedule and how much or how little you work. Meet clients in person or online: make it work for you! 

What BEST does for you: marketing, sets pricing, covers billing & payment collection, pays for liability insurance, provides client contracts, and finds & matches clients for you.

Share your skills, talents, and knowledge with others by creating your own enrichment class option.


Contact us today to get started!

Tell us what you can teach!
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