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Meet our tutors

Morgan B.

Morgan is an Environmental Science major and plans to research and implement reusable energy sources to replace fossil fuels. She loves to play softball, bake, and master logic puzzles. Her tutoring strength is math at every level.

Caitlin R.

Caitlin  is a Dance major and Psychology minor. She plans to dance professionally and be a Dance Therapist. She enjoys dance, cooking, and traveling.  Her tutoring strengths are Basic Math, English, Health, and Science.

Lourdes F.

Lourdes is a Biochemistry major in Medical Science. Her plans are to continue on to medical school. She loves to travel, cook, paint, and run.  Her tutoring strengths are Math and Science.

Dara K.

Dara has a B.A. in Special Education at the elementary level. She is an outdoor enthusiasts and loves, skiing, archery, being a lifeguard and arts and crafts.

Allen I.

Allen has a B.S. in Biophysics. He plans to obtain a PhD in Biophysics. He plays the violin, loves science, politics, all outdoor activities and fiction novels. His tutoring strengths are Math, Science and Electronics.

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